A good day for Bitcoin

By Jon Stibbs

A snapshot visualisation of the Twitter sentiment surrounding Bitcoin shows plenty of positivity (green dabs on the right mean happy tweets), according to this analysis by sentiment viz. Click for a closer view.
Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 14.49.27

Among the words singled out on the negative side are government, authorities and regulatory, which gives an insight into the concerns of many users.

Bitlicense has caused a stir because of fears the New York authorities want to place controls on Bitcoin’s users, many of whom are fiercely protective of their privacy. Bitxf ought to have been the bearer of good news as the crypto-currency exchanged had just announced it was on track to go live in June.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 14.57.19

The more populated positive side, Ben Lawsky refers to the so-called Bitcoin cop. The man behind the Bitlicense appears to have pulled off a classic gamekeeper turned poacher manoeuver. To the joy of libertarian enthusiasts of cryptocurrencies, Lawsky has stepped down from his regulatory role in New York to set up his own crypto consultancy.

Citi refers to the bank, which has recommended the UK government to coin its own virtual currency. The BTC exchange appears twice among the happy tweets.

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