The Winklevoss brothers laid bare with nine facts

Cameron and Tyler are the most famous brothers in Bitcoin. Here’s all you need to know about them:


1) 1%ers
The 33-year-old identical twins claimed in 2013 that they owned 1 per cent of all the Bitcoins in existence and stated such is their commitment to the cyptocurrency cause that they have not sold any.

2) Behind the decks
The twins’ Winkdex index tracks the price of Bitcoin over seven exchanges and was launched in 2014. They’re now waiting for the nod from US authorities for bitcoin ETF, the first exchange-traded fund to hold Bitcoin.

3) Keep the faith
The boys remain evangelical about Bitcoin despite its slump in price last year. They predict its market capitalization could fly from less than $4bn now to at least $400 billion and even develop into a really serious asset class like gold.

4) Instant karma
The brothers helped crowd fund the BitInstant payment processor in 2013. Since then they launched a series of projects, such as Gemini, a Bitcoin exchange for US consumers, which launched in January.

5) Bump in the road
BitInstant hit the buffers after its CEO Charlie Shrem was embroiled in accusations surrounding the Silk Road site. The Winklevoss described themselves as passive investors in BitInstant.

6) Bitcoin Boys think Intergalactic
They have booked places into space on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic shuttle. Flights are planned to still go ahead despite an accident last year when one of the pilots died.

7) Not-so-social
They established the Facebook precursor ConnectU while at Harvard. A lengthy legal battle was then fought with Mark Zuckerburg and resulted in the Winklevii, as they are sometimes known, coming away with a US$65 million settlement. The story was made into the 2010 Columbia Pictures film The Social Network

8) Feeling blue
The brother formed a pair that rowed at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The two also won Oxford Blues in the University Boat Race in 2009. Zuckerberg did not.

9) Winklelist or listiwinkle?
A listicle about the Winklevoss brothers could be called a listiwinkle, a winklelist, or simply a wincle.

Thanks to CNBC and for the images, and Columbia Pictures for use of the clip, via YouTube.

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