Crypto Trading and Count My Crypto: Interview with Rhian Lewis

This month, Cryptocity had breakfast with Rhian Lewis at the bitcoin-friendly Old Shoreditch Station. Rhian is the co-developer of the website Count My Crypto, which allows you to calculate and compare the value of your cryptocurrencies online.

The tool is essential for today’s growing number of ‘cryptotraders‘, a niche community who trade bitcoin and altcoins depending on price rises and falls. If you’re wondering what altcoins are or just need a quick refresh, see our post Bitcoin vs Altcoins Explained.

1. The founding of Count My Crypto

Once we’ve got our coffee, Rhian starts off by explaining the original inspiration behind Count My Crypto, which she launched with her friend and colleague, interface developer Bruce Thomas.

This useful video shows use how it all works:

2. So what is crypto trading and who does it?

Crypto trading is for those people who have invested in Bitcoin – but also in Altcoins. Given the particularly bubbly prices of Altcoins, there are opportunities for exchanging and speculative trading here and the scene is complete with rumour mills and automated trading bots.

Experts are suggesting crypto trading on the road to mainstream, although for Rhian it’s still limited to an intimate circle of people for the timebeing.

3. Why Altcoins?

The value of Altcoins is much disputed, as we discussed in our piece Altcoins vs Bitcoin Explained. Rhian falls in the bullish camp when it comes to the innovative potential of the Altcoin world.

4. The non-financial potential of Bitcoin

Surprisingly, Rhian explains that the most exciting thing about cryptocurrencies today is not the financial potential for crypto trading or otherwise:

Instead, it’s the potential for blockchain technologies to create transparency through things like smart contracts. This was a widely discussed issue at #FutureFest2015. To understand more, see our live blog of the event here.

5. Women in Bitcoin

Debate was stirred last month after Fusion’s Felix Salmon wrote that Bitcoin’s Male Domination Will Be Its Downfall. Many in the twittersphere begged to differ.

As founder of the London Women in Bitcoin meetup,which she runs with her friend Magda, Rhian is doing her bit to ensure ladies interested in or working in Bitcoin have a comfortable environment to get together and share ideas and knowledge.

Follow Rhian on twitter here:

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